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23 Widebody Design

Tooled by Jeff Haag


Built to perform

The 23 Widebody features a distinctive hull design with several unique characteristics. Measuring at 23 feet and 1 inch in length and 8 feet and 6 inches in width, this boat stands out. It boasts a tunnel width of 55 inches, enabling it to efficiently compress air at lower speeds, and an elevated center pod that ensures exceptional handling at lower speeds, all while minimizing drag at higher speeds.

Elevated Center Pod

The center pod on the 23 Widebody sits high for a reason. It's designed to be in the water at lower speeds offering uncompromising handling characteristics derived from a center pod cat. The elevation of the pod is even with the first sponson chine, 5 inches above the running surface of the boat. This lifts the center pod above the boats running surface at higher speeds which eliminates drag, offering less restriction and higher speeds.

The elevated position of the central pod on the 23 Widebody serves a specific purpose. It has been strategically engineered to remain in contact with the water during low-speed operation, providing exceptional handling qualities inspired by center-pod catamarans. The pod's height aligns precisely with the first sponson chine, resting 5 inches above the running surface of the hull. This elevation effectively raises the central pod above the boat's running surface at higher speeds, minimizing drag and resulting in reduced resistance, ultimately leading to enhanced speed capabilities. The angle of the pod also assures softer re-entry to the water.


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