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Welcome to Trick Powerboats! 

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of the new Trick 23' Widebody. The boat was created and tooled by Jeff Haag, who invested nearly two years in its meticulous design and construction. 


The Trick 23' Widebody boasts a contemporary catamaran design with an elevated center pod, perfectly engineered to accommodate today's heavier and higher horsepower outboard motors. ​The Trick 23 boasts exceptional handling characteristics, making every drive an exhilarating experience. It's a catamaran that welcomes any driver, offering a seamless experience without any unexpected quirks. There's no hop or porpoise at any speed, planes off with ease, carves up the turns like she's on rails and cruises comfortably through rough water. Trailering is a breeze, it's fuel efficient and easy to maintain.


Finally...a 23' catamaran that provides a full wrap around windshield that you look through, not over, with a cockpit that delivers the look and feel of a much larger cat. It's the first cat in its class the puts the wind in your hair, and not in your face. If you're looking for a catamaran that does everything right, you've found it. Come experience the Trick 23 Widebody yourself, and you'll see why it's a fantastic choice.


Power options include a single Mercury 300R, 400R, 500R or twin 300R's.

Build slots are currently available. 

Build time is approximately 8 weeks

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23 Widebody Photo Gallery

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The 23 Widebody features a distinctive hull design with several unique characteristics. Measuring at 23 feet and 1 inch in length and 102 inches in width, this boat stands out. It boasts a tunnel width of 55 inches, enabling it to efficiently compress air at lower speeds. The elevated center pod serves a distinct function. It was designed to maintain contact with the water during low and mid-speed operation, delivering outstanding handling characteristics reminiscent of center-pod catamarans. The pod is positioned at a height that perfectly aligns with the inner chines on the sponsons, hovering well above the hull's running surface. This elevation effectively lifts the center pod above the boat's running surface at higher speeds, minimizing drag and reducing resistance, ultimately enhancing the boat's speed capabilities. The pod's dead rise also ensures a gentler re-entry into the water providing the best ride possible. 

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Tel. 502-416-5558

286 Sam Koon Rd.,

Chapin, SC 29036

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Trick 23 Widebody Specs

23' 1" LOA

8.5' Beam

Fully Capped Deck Standard / No Rub Rail

1405 lbs Unrigged

55" Tunnel Width

67" Cockpit Width

33" Cockpit Depth

2+2 cockpit design

Elevated Center Pod Catamaran

3/8" acrylic windscreen providing full wrap around wind protection

Power Options: Single Mercury 300R, 400R, 500R and twin 300R's

The base model comes nicely equipped with a Mercury 300R, fully rigged with hydraulic power steering and hydraulic jackplate. It also features a 9-inch Garmin display with Vessel View, a Fusion stereo system, LED navigation lights, a 3/8-inch acrylic windshield, twin aluminum fuel tanks, stainless hardware, EVA flooring, and a Wesco double-axle aluminum trailer. 


At present, the all-inclusive turn-key pricing with Mercury 300R stands at


(Does not include propeller)


Build slots are currently available.

Call Jeff Haag for a quote 502-416-5558

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