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Prop testing the Mercury 5 Blade CNC Cleaver 14 3/4 x 31

Thanks to Mercury Racing Propellers for allowing us to run their 14 3/4” x 31p 5 Blade 15 degree rake Cleaver today. They helped us reach the 100MPH mark which put a smile on our faces. Specs were: Single 300R / 100MPH at 6350RPM with 60% fuel port tank, 21% fuel starboard tank. We’re trying to do all of our testing in typical conditions with a reasonable amount of fuel so we’re providing real world everyday data. Winds were 10-15mph here on Lake Murray and we ran 100MPH in both directions.

The Trick 23 Widebody just does everything right...and she's a blast to drive!

Cruising Lake Murray during the Eclipse

Thanks again to Mercury Racing!

Prop testing the Mercury MAX 5 ST Propeller / Mercury Racing

We felt like the Mercury MAX 5 prop was a pure winner in every department.  Planing off was done easily at 2800 RPM, it carried the boat well and allowed the center pod to run well above the running surface at higher speeds. Maximum RPM was 6350 turning the 15 1/4 x 30p Max 5 ST with a top speed of 96.2MPH.  We simply loved this prop!

DAY 2 / Prop testing the Mercury 5 Blade CNC Cleaver 14 3/4 x 31

The wind finally calmed down so we decided to give the CNC Cleaver another run. Top speed was 101MPH


Sunset Cruising on Lake Murray

​The Trick 23 boasts exceptional handling characteristics, making every drive an exhilarating experience. It's a catamaran that welcomes any driver, offering a seamless experience without any unexpected quirks. There's no hop or porpoise at any speed, planes off with ease at low RPM's, carves up the turns like she's on rails and cruises comfortably through rough water. Trailering is a breeze, it's fuel efficient and easy to maintain. If you're looking for a catamaran that does everything right, you've found it. Come experience the Trick 23 Widebody yourself, and you'll understand why it's a fantastic choice.

Unedited running footage

These are long unedited clips of the Trick 23 running on Lake Murray. It's not a top speed video or a flashy advertising piece. It's a real world view of a 23' cat that planes off easily, doesn't hop or porpoise, turns like it's on rails and is a blast to drive.  It's stable at high and low speeds and just about anyone would be comfortable and confident driving it with little seat time. It's the only cat in its class that puts the wind in your hair, and not in your face which allows you to cruise at 85MPH and have a normal conversation. The boat was built to handle todays heavier and higher horsepower four stroke motors but she still performs just fine with a Mercury 300R. The cruising speeds in most of these clips is 85MPH.

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